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Zombie Outbreak in Russia by Maniac-KageSenshi Zombie Outbreak in Russia by Maniac-KageSenshi
*Handgun is something like USP with flashlight.(It was supposed to be like MP-443)
**AR is something like bastard child of HK MP5 and AKM(not 74). Or whatever. I'm not an expert of drawing firearms.


welcome to SPN GRU log database
which log do you want to see?
[type "list" to list all log entries; type "list (a-z)" to only view logs starting with selected letter]

[type "read {logname.log}" to read log]

list o
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type "all" to view rest of the logs

read operation_outbreak.log

warning! classified data
please enter password to read this log
password: [****************]
stand by. . . password confirmed

please wait


decrypting data...


date: xx.06.2020
location: Russian Federation, Far East region. Yakutsk city.
population: approximately 350.000
situation: critical; biologic weapon(BW) deployed by unknown hostiles; heavy casualties among civilians; local law enforcement reported multiple riots across city; soon thereafter communications went down; last message was - "REQUEST IMMEDIATE MILITARY SUPPORT"

military, research and reconnaissance personnel are en route to - secure the area, assess the threat of BW and find out who is responsible for the attack


Entry №1.

name: Veronika Afanasiyeva/F
rank: Senior Research team member

Almost arrived to Yakutsk.
Strange... From afar everything looks okay.
Today we took ground samples and animal tissue samples from nearby area. All looks normal, no traces of anything unusual. And that is weird - according to initial reports it was airborne attack, so it had to spread across. But still, we found nothing.
Very strange indeed... Perhaps we're missing something?
I think we'll find out more when we'll reach city outskirts.


Entry №2

name: Vladimir Eremeyev/M
rank: Sergeant/HAZMAT combat unit

Finally reached this bloody hellhole in the middle of nowhere. Right now we're stationed on the outskirts, making cordons and sealing the area.
No signs of life can be seen from our position. Not a single person. Is whole city died? No, it can't be. But still, it's really creepy.

So, back to the point. When we arrived we found some mutilated bodies. Nasty stuff. Our scientists are looking through them now. I'd say those poor bastards were ripped apart. Some of the internal organs are missing, and there are signs of bite marks. Also, there is some bullet(one to the head) and stab wounds. What the hell?


Bloody hell, entire division is here, building some kind of wall around town. Yeah, our only orders for now is to build a wall. Just what the hell is down there, in that city? I guess it has to do with BW attack. HQ aren't telling us shit. Damn.


Entry №3

name: Arthur Timofeev/M
rank: PFC/Mechanized Unit support gunner

Today we moved into the city for the first time. I'm so tired of sitting and waiting so i was really glad to finally go somewhere.
Our "expedition" squad consisted from: guys from HAZMAT combat unit, GRU counter-intelligence officer in the rank of captain and scientist personnel and our trusty APC.
Frankly, i don't get why we even need so many weapons here. It's our soil, our land! To scare off marauders? It's overkill.
I saw this GRU guy arguing about something with eggheads. After this he came down to us and demanded that we double check our equipment and weapons.
What for? When i asked: "Comrade captain, are we expecting trouble?", he told me to shut up.
Geez, what a jerk.

Anyway, we advanced only a little through perimeter and were passing through some kind of asylum when this crazy showed up. Definitely a patient from that asylum. He was mumbling a lot of nonsense about "demons, cloud of evil, fleshmongers" and a whole lot of strange mumbo-jumbo.
Captain ordered a retreat back to camp with this crazy dude onboard for extra questioning.

By the way, during our short advance i didn't saw a single soul. Somehow, I've got a bad feeling about this mission.


Entry №4

name: Olga Yezhova/F
rank: Lieutenant/GRU field unit sub-commander

New orders came in - reach city's Central Police Station and retrieve city's AI module from there. HQ thinks that possible clues about unknown attacker can be found there - central AI records everything that happens on the streets and keeps it in its black box.


Damn, this city is definitely gotten bigger. After that technological breakthrough back in 2012 this city went underground. And i mean literally "Underground".
All because of permafrost - we can't build buildings that is too heavy. But, if we will build underground then it's alright.
And nanotechnologies helps us build grand constructions for mere hours instead of years.


We are moving out at dawn.
Strange ominous chill follows me for some reason. Gotta calm down.


end of part one
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Красавчег, выглядит весьма качественно)
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